Wing Chun Dummies Warranty Information

Please read the following details before you buy.

  • Returns accepted on items damaged from shipping, and on warranty items.
  • Refunds on returns include shipping paid to receive item. Return shipping fees are paid by customer.
  • We offer a 2 year  replacement limited warranty on arms and leg, and stands if they should break. 
  • We offer a lifetime replacement warranty on dummy against major cracking or splitting.
  • Minor surface cracking on dummy trunk is not covered (Some Dummies can develop Minor surface cracks) 
  • A major crack is if you can fit a nickel in or larger it is covered under warranty
  • With a lifetime warranty you need to save box and packing material including inner packing.
  • If box and packing materials are not saved we then customer has to provide a suitable box and packing.
  • All of our Dummy products are custom orders, No Refunds once your order has been started, or received.
  • Warranty covers only one repair for lifetime of warranty
  • Any modifications you make to our products will void warranty