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Compact Wall Dummy

Compact Wall Dummy

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All dummies are hand made to order in US. Current build time is 5-7 weeks.

Warranty Information

The Compact Wall Mounted Dummy is ideal when space is limited. This design gives you the feel of our full size dummy, for a lot less money. The Compact Wall Mounted Dummy is a 48 inch dummy trunk made standard in Hardwood Ash.

Ash is used for making baseball bats and axe handles for strength and durability.. Compact dummy has all the correct arm and leg proportions except the back is flat and is a half cylinder. This set includes wall mounting supports and all hardware. All of our dummies are hand made in our shop in the United States and come with a lifetime warranty. A much better alternative to a flat board dummy..

“Traditional upper arms” which have 1 middle arm centered to peg and 2 upper arms offset from the peg which allows for the upper arms inserted to create offset arms in one position. Remove arms and rotate them 180 degrees and re insert for level upper arms. Arm Pegs are 1.5”x1.5” square on all three.

The  Wooden Dummies are constructed with a patent pending 9 board laminating process. A 6” square Douglas Fir core of 5 boards are glued and screwed together gets laminated with four 2” thick hardwood Ash outer boards on all four sides. We warranty our trunks against major cracking or splitting for life.

Shipping cost $125.00 inside the continental US.

More Details:

WEIGHT : 65 lbs.

Space Between upper arms and mid arm = 8.5" .
Space Between mid arm and leg = 11" .
Space between the but of the two upper arms = 9"


We can build dummies to your specifications as well. Contact us for custom specifications .



  • Returns accepted on items damaged from shipping, and on warranty items.
  • Refunds on damages include shipping paid to receive item. Return shipping fees are paid by customer.
  • We offer a 3 year  replacement limited warranty on arms and leg, and stands if they should break. 
  • We offer a lifetime replacement warranty on dummy against major cracking or splitting.
  • Minor surface cracking on dummy trunk is NOT covered (some Dummies can develop Minor surface cracks) 
  • A major crack is if you can fit a nickel in or larger, this is covered under warranty
  • With a lifetime warranty you need to save box and packing material including peanuts.
  • If box and packing materials are not saved we then have to ship you one which will cost $45 for box and shipping.
  • All of the Dummy products are custom orders, No Refunds once your order has been started, or received.
  • The warranty covers only one repair for lifetime of warranty
  • Any modifications you make to our products will void warranty


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