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Wing Chun Dummy with Corner Stand

Wing Chun Dummy with Corner Stand

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All dummies are hand made to order in US. Current build time is 5-7 weeks.

Warranty Information

Wing Chun Dummy with Corner stand is ideal when only available space happens to be a corner of the room. This stand can either be free standing

or you can screw it to the wall for more stability. This stand can accommodate users from 5’3” up to 6’5”. 

“Traditional upper arms” which have 1 middle arm centered to peg and 2 upper arms offset from the peg which allows for  the upper arms inserted to create offset arms in one position. Remove arms and rotate them 180 degrees and re insert for level  upper arms.  Arm Pegs are 1.5”x1.5” square on all three.

 Our Wooden Dummies are constructed with our patent pending 9 board laminating process. A 6” square Douglas Fur core of 5 boards are glued and screwed together gets laminated with four 2” thick hardwood Ash outer boards on all four sides.  We warranty our trunks against major cracking or splitting for life. See our warranty information under terms and conditions.

Save $20.00 on a pair of Dummy pads with the purchase of your wooden dummy and get to pads for $70.00 marked down from $90.00.

Shipping cost $250.00 inside the continental US. Contact us for all other shipping inquiries.



CORNER STAND :60”X 44”X 60”

WEIGHT : 95 lbs. 


Space Between upper arms and mid arm = 8.5" .
Space Between mid arm and leg = 11" .


Space between the but of the two upper arms = 9"


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